Deploying Inscription Book (TLD)

In the BRC-137 protocol, the Inscription Book is considered a suffix and is particularly suitable for crypto communities, projects, or KOLs aiming to establish native user groups on the Bitcoin network.

Before deploying a TLD, ensure you have an Inscription Book at your disposal, which can be acquired from the marketplace (we suggest users to purchase from BRC420 or OKX). Each TLD deployment requires one Inscription Book.

To deploy a community (currently disabled):

  1. Select an Inscription Book: Browse your collection and click 'Open' on the Inscription Book you wish to use for deploying your TLD.

  2. Name Your TLD: A new window will appear where you will be prompted to input the name you wish to deploy as your TLD.

  3. Network Fee Rate Selection: Choose an appropriate network fee rate, with 'Normal' or higher recommended to prevent delays or the risk of frontrunning.

  4. Confirm and Inscribe: Click on 'Confirm & Inscribe'. A wallet window will pop up for you to review and verify your transaction's details. Complete the process by signing the transaction.

BRC-137 currently only allows for the minting of TLD names between 3 and 42 characters in length, and supports only English letters (case insensitive), numbers, '-' and '_'.

The deployment process involves a re-inscription of the Inscription Book asset, which means it will change an existing inscription. A wallet prompt saying "The outputValue of the inscription has been changed" is expected during this process. You can safely confirm the operation without concern.

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