Minting Soul Dust (DID)

Soul Dust is the prefix in the BRC-137 protocol, which can be used for personal DID on the Bitcoin blockchain.

To mint a soul dust:

  1. Name your DID: Enter the name you wish to lock and inscribe, such as "slein". Since BRC-137 is a composable domain name system, you do not need to enter a period or a top-level domain.

  2. Select the network fee rate: It is recommended to choose 'normal' or higher to avoid delays or frontrunning.

  3. Confirme & Inscribe: confirm the transaction details and sign the transaction in the pop-up wallet window.

BRC-137 currently only allows for the minting of DID names between 4 and 42 characters in length, and supports only English letters (case insensitive), numbers, '-' and '_'.

Users who mint Soul Dust need to pay a network fee, an inscription sats fee, and a service Fee. The service fee is a fixed 1,370 sats, which is used for the operation and maintenance of the protocol.

As an open DID protocol, the service Fee is not mandatory. Users can use any free tools to inscribe Soul Dust (but make sure it complies with the protocol's specifications! And that it does not duplicate an existing prefix, otherwise, it cannot be indexed).

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