BRC-137 Protocol

A Composable DID Protocol for the Bitcoin Network

BRC-137 is a significant public good that revolutionizes social relationships within the Bitcoin ecosystem and represents a groundbreaking experiment. The content of this whitepaper does not constitute financial advice.

The BRC-137 protocol is proposed based on the Ordinals protocol, allowing anyone to create composable DIDs on the Bitcoin blockchain in a fully permissionless and decentralized manner. BRC--137 grants users the ability to monetize their digital identities and facilitating on-chain value exchanges and social ecosystems.

DIDs adhered to BRC-137 protocol are distinct from existing DIDs such as Ethereum Name Services (ENS). The names resolved by BRC-137 are determined by two types of assets: BRC137-DID and BRC137-TLD. BRC137-DID is a fungible token based on BRC20, while BRC137-TLD is a non-fungible token asset.

Users can inscribe a string as a username on BRC137-DID. This username can be resolved independently, like alice. Alternatively, it can be bound to a BRC137-TLD to represent an affiliation, enabling the conventional second-level domain resolution in the form of username.TLD, like alice.brc137.

BRC137-TLD can be used as a top-level domain by inscribing a string, initiating a DID system based on the Bitcoin network. It also allows for the setting of Royalties based on demand.

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